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About The Gold Scroll

Copies are now in some of the world's foremost collections including:

1) Huntington Library in California, gift purchased by Distinguished Professor Joseph Wittreich, noted Milton scholar and collector. The Huntington’s highlights include one of the world’s most extensive collections of William Blake material, most notably Blake's original illustrations for Milton’s Paradise Lost.

2) The University of Pennsylvania Rare Book Collection, gift purchased by Distinguished Professor Joseph Wittreich, noted Milton scholar and collector. The U of Penn holds over 560 exemplars of books printed in Europe from movable type before 1501. Sixty-six of these titles are the only recorded copies in North America.

3) The University of Kentucky, Gift Purchased by Distinguished Professor Joseph Wittreich, noted Milton scholar and collector. The U of Kentucky collections include many famous artists.

4) The Alexander Turnbull Library in the National Library of New Zealand.

5) The collection of Robert J. Wickenheiser, one of the world's foremost collectors{[36] of Milton books and original illustrations for Milton's works.

6) Professor John Geraghty

7) The Thomas Cooper rare book library at the University of South Carolina


What the scholars are saying:

"Thanks...I think you are rather overemphasizing the 24k gold leaf, because the real "gold" lies in the perceptions incorporated in the artist's concepts. This is the best since Blake and Doré." Nancy Charlton, Milton Lists{[37]

"Thanks, Nancy, for your detailed and helpful interpretation of this impressive work." Dr. Salwa Khoddam, Oklahoma City University {[38]

"Terrance: Would that Milton had been as rich in writing about his great epic as you have been about everything you have written about your scroll and the inspiration for it. I don't mean to sell Milton short by any means because, like all great artists, somewhere in his writing can be found his own profound reasons for what he has done and why he did it. In this you stand side by side with the great bard in wanting your paintings to be appreciated and understood." Dr. Robert J. Wickenheiser, 19th President of St. Bonaventure University

“Thank you Terrance. I…am grateful for all you are doing. It is an amazing project. You are creating a great legacy…” Professor John Geraghty [39][attribution needed]

“…this is stunningly beautiful! There is so much to look at—both traditional and intriguingly mysterious. It really makes me think of Blake's "Marriage of Heaven and Hell", as well as some of the Serbian iconography I've been looking at recently in the monasteries of Fruska Gora. I visited the ancient monastery and chapel of Hopovo, and the brilliant colors of the figures crowding into the inner sanctum recall your powerful sunsets and energetic (yet static) figures.” Professor Karen Karbiener, Department of English, New York University




APRIL 24TH 2022 2-3 PM



Famed illustrator Terrance Lindall will be there to sign copies of his books and magazines! FREE POSTCARDS!

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Lindall risks becoming everyone’s enemy and getting shot to death. In thought he is avante garde. When he openly described himself as hermeneutic artist , he neutralized the would-be assassin (if there were any). The self-contradictory, absolute, Western value of postmodern cultural relativism he verbally denigrated saved him without losing his elitist niche in contemporary art history in New York, and beyond. PHILIP SOMOZO

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Peter Dizozza - 2017.07.26 Live at SideWalk - 01 Milton in Outer Space - Premier

According to "InfluenceRanking" is in the upper 1% of influencial academics in the world


Analysis by machine-learning technology developed with funding from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)

Lindall has worked with Heavy Metal Magazine, Marvel Comics, Simon & Schuster and many other publishers. He did the cover for the first cyberpunk novel, John Ford's WEB OF ANGELS. He did the cover for THE BEST OF ROD SERLING'S TWILIGHT ZONE MAGAZINE. 

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September 8, 1996, Yuko Nii purchased a New York City Landmark Kings County Savings Bank and also on the National Register of Historical Places, and she founded the non-profit Williamsburg Art & Historical Center, aka WAH Center, based upon her “Bridge Concept.” That concept envisions a multifaceted, multicultural art center whose mission is to coalesce the diverse artistic community, and create a global bridge between local, national and international artists, emerging, mid-career and established artists, and artists of all disciplines. Thus through the international language of art we come to understand each other to create a more peaceful and integrated world. The WAH Center is a force for peace and understanding and its concept is incorporated in its acronym: “WAH” in Japanese means “peace” or “harmony” or “unity.” Yuko Nii also wanted to preserve the WAH Center’s architectural treasure, a French Second Empire masterpiece built in 1867, and she wants to make it a functional part of the cultural community of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York.

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